RF Innovation at Speed

Xtremis is not just a company. We are a technology ecosystem anchored by the communities where we operate.

Devil's Den Proving Ground: Washington County, AR

The DDPG is a combat evaluation technology center that supports testing and experimentation for novel RF technologies in laboratory and open-air environments. It is our primary location for RF DevOps experimentation incorporating technology end-users. Opening Spring 2025

Technology Hardware Engineering (THE) District: Washington, DC

The Technology Hardware Engineering (THE) District is where we bend metal and design, prototype, and manufacture the hardware infrastructure that drives our unique spectrum virtualization technology.

Defense Innovation Incubator: Morgantown, WV

The Defense Innovation Incubator is operated by the Civil-Military Institute in Morgantown. As a proud member, our activities here focus on military end-user engagement and operational integration of RF technologies.

The University: Nashville, TN

Our core IP was born here. Our founders cut their teeth solving the most challenging RF research problems here. And our future innovations are born here.